About us

Who are we?

We are the blog operators of MSB365. Our goal with our blog is to share experience and expertise in the areas of cloud (Office 365 and Azure), messaging, communication and PowerShell. We do not pursue classic commercial goals.
The structure of this networking portal was born from the fact, that we have determined that there is a corresponding need for it.
There are many networking events in Switzerland and especially in the Zurich area. It is not our goal to compete with them, but to focus on our priorities and to bring the right people together.

Why this site?

Meetups and lectures for the networking and dissemination of knowledge is essential. Unfortunately, there are only limited numbers of such events in Switzerland. We organize networking meetings at regular intervals, which are specifically matched to our subject areas. True to the motto: “Grab a drink and let’s network.” Furthermore, organizing lectures, which are held by various proffessionals. All without obligations and subscriptions. Through our blog, we have noticed the need of it, so we have taken the appropriate initiative.

Philosophy and goals

Our goal is to bring people from different industries together in a relaxed, fun and friendly atmosphere. We strive for positive meetings that share knowledge, make friends and ideas.
All events are usually free and accessible to anyone who is interested in our topics. A specific level of know-how is not mandatory. Everyone from junior to senior professionals is welcome.
Let us build a great network in Switzerland…